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June 27, 2006


Lucy Ravinsdale

Amatuer Photos at:

Copyright friendly Pics for Education

Ji Hyun Ha

It's a Korean image website! Once you go in, the text is all written in Korean. But, you can still write in English what you want to search in the search box.

Little Ms. Blog

Great image bank at , Ji Hyun! Yoo Ri just told me that you can see the English version if you click on "English" in the upper righthand corner.

Thanks for link!

Another one is

Little Ms. Blog

Here's another link that my students found. I can't promise that all images are going to be "clean" and appropriate for young audiences, but the images at this link are unique, artistic, and creative!
Check out the "fantasy art" link at the very bottom on the left!

free background check

hey now-a-days it is really necessary for us to know everything about the new person staying next to our home or apartment for the security reason. and now it is easy to know about any person, Here we provide you free service for criminal records check and background check...

copyright free images

I visited some of the links and it brought me to a very amazing websites where I can find amazing free images and copyright images.

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